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        Being a young person is one thing, and being a good young one is   41   . A good person should have these qualities( 品質 ): First of all, health. A healthy body is the best riches( 財富 ).   42    it, nothing can be done well. If you are poor in health, you will have to take    43    day after day. Even you can’ t work, do sports and so on. Secondly, do something for others. Help those in trouble and    44    the people around you. If everyone did the same, What a   45    world it would be! Thirdly, have the ability to work with others.

        Cooperation( 合作 ) and communication are two important keys to better human relation. Everyone needs friends    46    no one can live through life alone or do everything he wants to.

        Besides the examples above, patriotism (愛國主義) is the one we should never    47   . Patriotism means love for one’ s country. It is one of the highest qualities of human ’ s. Everyone should love country. But  people    48    think  that patriots( 愛國者 )must be soldiers or that they live  in a time  of fighting for their country. This is    49   . A good young person ’ s work is not only fighting. A good young person will do the things his country asks him to do.

        I think a good young person of today should also have some training in art    50    they can live better and enjoy more.


        41.A.other     B.one C.another D.the others

        42.A.With       B.Without C.After   D.Before

        43.A.medicine    B.food C.drink          D.fruit

        44.A.take after   B.talk about     C.argue with     D.care about

        45.A.wonderful        B.terrible C.bad      D.selfish

        46.A.if B.because   C.while D.though

        47.A.remember        B.answer C.forget        D.ask

        48.A.sometimes          B.never C.nearly D.hardly

        49.A.good   B.bad C.right         D.wrong

        50.A.so that        B.such as C.when   D.but







        【答案】41.C  42.B  43.A  44.D  45.D  46.B  47.C  48.A  49.D  50.A



        考查代詞。other其他的;one一個;another另外的;the others其他的。根據句意“年輕是一回事,當一個好年輕人是另外一回事。”故選C。


        考查介詞。With具有; Without沒有;After在……后面; Before在……之前。根據前文A healthy body is the best riches.可知健康是最寶貴的財富??芍獩]有健康,你將一事無成。故選B。


        考查名詞。medicine藥; food食物;drink飲料; fruit水果。根據句意可知,身體不舒服得吃藥。故答案選A。


        考查固定搭配。take after相似;talk about談論關于;argue with與……爭吵; care about關心。由前文do something for others.可知,年輕人需要為其他人做一些事。故答案選D。


        考查形容詞。wonderful精彩的;terrible糟糕的; bad壞的; selfish自私的。由what a …結構可知,此處后面接形容詞。且根據前后語境可知,故答案選A。


        考查連詞。if如果; because因為;while    然而; though盡管。根據前文Everyone needs friends每個人都需要朋友可知,前后內容表示因果關系。故答案選B。


        考查動詞。remember記??; answer回答; forget忘記;ask問。結合前文的例子,以及后文Patriotism means love for one’ s country. 愛國主義就是愛自己的國家。故答案選C。


        考查副詞。sometimes有時;never從不; nearly幾乎; hardly幾乎不。由前文Everyone should love country.可知,每個人都應該愛國。到后面的轉折。故答案選A。


        考查形容詞。good好的;bad壞的; right對的;wrong錯誤的。結合前文,以及由后文A good young person ’ s work is not only fighting.…可知一個好青年的工作不只是奮斗。一個好的年輕人會做國家要求他做的事情。故答案選D。


        考查詞義辨析。so that為了;such as例如; when當……時候; but但是。結合空前后內容對比,此處是表示目的,一位優秀的年輕人也做一些藝術訓練為了能過上更好的生活。故答案選A。